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How to Play LoL: An Effective Guide for Beginners

League of Legends is a cult PvP game that, in a sense, copies the well-known DotA to everyone. Undoubtedly, there are many other copied analogs, however, LoL is probably the best option for more players. One of the important features - everyone can play LoL for free. Starting the game will seem difficult for many but it happens with almost all games. To facilitate your start, we recommend reading this article, where we have gathered the main points, terminology and subtleties of League of Legends. This knowledge will definitely be of use to you when betting on

What Is the Main Game Idea?

We will touch on the main nuances that will help start the game confidently. What is the meaning of the game? Everything is quite simple. The first thing you need to know is the lines and their features. Briefly about the lines and the meaning of the game:

  • There are 3 lines in total - 2 on the sides (on the player on each side) and 1 in the center (one player).
  • On the line, there are two towers, they must be destroyed.
  • When the guns are neutralized, go to the base - it also needs to be filled up.
  • Your duty is to assist the creeps that attack the guns, you don’t have to do this yourself.

Initially, players will need time to farm creeps and try themselves in battles. From about the 6th level. you can already start group battles. It is advisable for you to immediately track whether your team is ready for group battles or have they already begun? If at the same time you continue to farm the creeps, this can lead to the following:

  • the enemy team will attack and kill you;
  • your team will lose by losing 4 by 5 in battle.

For the group fight, the strategy of restructuring along the lines is typical, when players move during a respite, which makes it possible to neutralize the enemy almost “in just one hit”.

Things You Should Keep in Mind

The next important point: you need to die as little as possible, since it takes your experience and money. This means that in the dead state the player is immobile, but could get a useful resource. Is it worth fighting with a stronger player? Most likely not, if it is a 1 on 1 battle. In this case, a strong character will kill you and become even stronger, using your resources. If the enemy is weak, then getting stronger at his expense is a good idea!

Let's return to the terminology. Feed - feeding, so called process when the player repeatedly dies. Becoming a "feeder" for enemies, you become weaker against the background of the enemy. What could be worse? Of course, leave the battlefield, and then you will become a leaver. Such players are waiting for the punishment of losing money.





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