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Can a hair tattoo change your life?

Hair tattoo is a new, non-surgical way to fight losing and thinning hair. It is becoming more and more popular every day among men and women all over the world. If you are looking for a way to gain long gone self-confidence again, this may be it.

What is a hair tattoo and how does it look?

A hair tattoo, also known as scalp micropigmentation, is a unique technique that uses a special microneedle to insert ink into the upper layer of the scalp. This procedure helps create the image of hair or its follicles. There are so many options of how the result will look like. It depends on:

hair tattoo


Before the procedure, the hair tattoo specialist draws a hairline on the scalp. It is up to the customer how the forehead, the crown, and patches on the temples will look like. This is a solution not only for bald people but also for people who struggle with their large forehead or with the shape of their head.

Shade, color

There are almost limitless options of ink colors, so do not worry about not finding the right shade that matches perfectly with your natural hair or, if you don’t have any left, you can choose your own new “natural” hair color yourself. But–be aware; not every ink is appropriate for this kind of procedure. Check your saloons reviews before choosing it.

Quality of ink and work

As said before, better choose carefully before saying yes to the hair tattoo. This may be one thing that is better to pay more money for quality than regretting messed-up work. Like every micropigmentation, this one also takes several risks and side effects like allergic reactions or even infections.


After every procedure, you have strictly abided by a few rules to keep your hair tattoo looking good and to make it last longer. They say the quality of the result depends on post-procedural care. Because it takes about a week till 10 days for the ink to lighten and becoming the color you desire, these rules are strict for the first week after the micropigmentation:

  • No head contact with water (for 3 days at least).
  • No sunbathing (the longer the better).
  • Treating scalp with recommended products to avoid infections and to help the ink sink in in the best way possible.
  • It is absolutely common if you have tiny scabs and your head itches a little (but remember—when it hurts badly, it is NOT okay!). JUST DO NOT SCRATCH AND DO NOT PEEL!

Who is it good for?

It doesn’t matter if you are a young man or an older woman. If there is something that can make you feel better about yourself, something that helps you be more confident at work, or among your friends and relatives, you should at least consider doing it. You may heard lots of stories and you can find more of them all over the internet. What problems can a hair tattoo help with?

  • Alopecia . If you struggle with partial alopecia and your hair is thinning, tattooed shades on your scalp can help you hide it. If you are completely bald, scalp micropigmentation can help you achieve the image of hair follicles.
  • Losing hair because of chemotherapy . Chemotherapy causes huge hair loss and cancer patients are often looking for a semi-permanent solution like the hair tattoo.
  • No hair on scars. You don’t have a problem with any kind of alopecia but you hate the way your scar on the head is easy to see through the hair? Let the scar have a new tattoo.
  • Fixing the hairline. A large forehead won´t be a problem anymore.

It is true. For some of us, this quick and effective treatment can change our lives for the better. Healthy self-confidence can bring us superior work results and happier social life. Isn´t it worth paying the price?





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