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Main Reasons Why Skin Loses Its Elasticity and How to Fight Them

The skin can lose its elasticity at any time, regardless of the age and gender of the person. But it is noticed that flabbiness is more often observed in women. Special proteins are responsible for skin elasticity: collagen and elastin. They perform one of the most important functions in the body - maintaining the density of cells and the ability of cells to adhere to adipose tissue. Check what reasons cause the lack of elasticity below.

6 Reasons for the Loss of Skin Elasticity:

Here is a list of the main factors that make your skin not as beautiful as it was before:

  • Aging - with age, the body loses one of the most important abilities - to independently synthesize proteins, this is the main cause of sagging of the skin;
  • Rapid weight loss - during this process, the tissues do not have time to adapt to the new outlines of the body, so the skin droops, the tone is lost; Do not resort to quick ways to lose weight, if you want to maintain the elasticity of the body after reducing its volume, in addition, the rapid weight loss destroys the structure of the skin and contributes to the formation of stretch marks;
  • Lack of the necessary amount of moisture in the body - most often this problem occurs after an infectious disease of the digestive system or due to long exposure to direct sunlight, lack of moisture in the cells of the epidermis leads to loss of skin elasticity;
  • Bad habits - tobacco, alcohol and narcotic drugs lead to severe poisoning of the body, in this regard, the metabolism is broken, the absorption of beneficial substances is blocked, and the skin loses its elasticity;
  • Constant exposure to sunlight - if you do not use protective equipment, ultraviolet has a very negative effect on the epidermis, it gradually loses its elasticity. The same can be said about the solarium;
  • Improper skin care - skin must be cleaned, moisturized and nourished, if this is not done, the epidermis will quickly lose its elasticity;

How to Return and Maintain Skin Elasticity?

There is no one hundred percent recipe for getting rid of skin laxity. It is necessary to understand that only complex actions will lead to a decent result. There are general rules to follow to return skin elasticity:

  • Have a good sleep. It will ensure the proper functioning of the body, thanks to which the skin cells will be in good shape;
  • More often resort to physical activity - sport speeds up metabolism, helps build muscle mass and increase skin elasticity;
  • Eat the most healthy food - the elasticity of the epidermis depends on the receipt of a sufficient amount of nutrients in the cells;
  • Take biologically active food supplements. Capsules with collagen 24 bio anti-aging formula will help to return the skin beauty in a natural way. It promotes cell growth working from inside.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and take effective capsules, you will fill your body with collagen and look beautiful again!





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