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Nuru massage can get a bit demanding. Here is what you should do after it’s over

Once you’re dead set on getting a nuru massage , there’s no stopping you, is that right? But nevertheless, there are things to consider before you get on it. You should not underestimate this procedure. Yes, it is tremendously helpful and pleasurable, and you’re going to enjoy it tremendously. But you should also remember the necessary “aftercare” procedures that are crucial to maintaining this rubdown’s benefits. These are:

  • Having a snack and keeping hydrated
  • Welcoming one’s emotions
  • Leaving aside plenty of “me” time
  • Taking a bath

Nuru massage would not be complete without a little snack afterwards

It’s not unusual to get a bit hungry after your nuru session. Indeed, this procedure can get more demanding than you’d have guessed. Why is that? Well, any massage, and this one in particular, speeds up the blood flow and increases the activity of your metabolism. Meaning your body will soon demand replenishment and an energy boost. You might even feel a bit lightheaded, but that’s nothing a little snack wouldn’t remedy. But do not go overboard – a light snack should do just fine. Eating a large meal is something you should leave for later. And you definitely shouldn’t do it prior to your rubdown as well, otherwise it will feel anything but comfortable!

Remember to replenish those fluids!

Drinking too much before your massage is not advisable, since you’ll probably have to pause it to go to the loo. After everything’s over, however… well, that’s a different story. Remember that increased blood flow we’ve mentioned earlier? Well, that is actually a very good news for your body, since it puts your lymphatic system to action, resulting in a much faster disposal of toxins. However, as a side result of that, your body will burn up through those fluids faster than usual, making you feel dehydrated, unless you start drinking ASAP. Simple water is best. Avoid sugary drinks, coffee and alcohol, since these will dehydrate you even further, though!

Don’t be afraid to let the emotions flow

The gentle experience of nuru rarely leaves one indifferent emotionally. They do not only relax the body, but the mind as well. Being entrusted into the care of a beautiful, skilled masseuse who caters to your every whim is something that can do wonders for your confidence and accepting yourselves as you are. Some people, as a result, feel extremely content and elated, while others even go as far as bursting into tears of joy! There’s no need to hide your emotions in this case. Feel free to give them a free reign. Accepting your emotions can be a way to deeper contentment. Do not bottle them up!

Another important thing is to leave aside plenty of time for yourself

Ideally, you should spend the next few hours – and perhaps the whole day – after your massage processing what just happened and not bothering yourselves too much with other things. The one sure way to kill the good nuru vibe is to rush straight to work after everything is done. Instead, it is much better to take a brisk walk, read a book, watch a movie or simply keep lazing about… Simply grant yourself some “me” time, free from the constraints of your daily tasks and routine.

Having a bath is another great idea

There’s no better way of prolonging the effect of your rubdown than to slip into a nice, warm bath. Your muscles will be allowed to further relax, not to mention taking a warm bath has multiple other, beneficial effects, including improved sleep and an elevated mood !

So, these were the ways in which you could enhance the effects of your nuru treatment and prolong its benefits!

What helps you wind down and relax? Do you think it is better to control your emotions or to let them free? Do you have any other ideas how to improve the effects of the nuru massage?





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