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The Phoenix was a mythological bird that was consumed by fire. From it's ashes, the new Phoenix rose to live a new life. A new way of being. Death and Rebirth. The Phoenix Project is a new way of providing innovative HIV education to gay men and high-risk women in South East Los Angeles Area. We are always looking for new ways of delivering HIV prevention messages to our diverse community. Special Events:

The Phoenix Project's Core plans special events for gay/bi men. In the Summer of 2005, we marched in the Long Beach Pride Parade and caravanned to the San Diego Pride festivities. We were also able to partake in the special gay theme night at Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm.

2006 kicks off with our Post Valentines Speed Dating Event at Choices in Long Beach followed by a Stateline Turn Around in April. This summer, we plan to have addition theme park excursions, monthly recreational events, singles parties and dinners for couples.

The Rising
Gay Men's Gathering meets every Wednesday night at the Christopher Wahl Youth Center. This interactive discussion gather is gear to providing a safe and non threatening space to meet other gay/bi men in and around the Whittier area. Weekly discussion topics change every month. Topics include:Relationships, Dating, Friendship, Sexual HealthHIV Prevention, Domestic Violence Prevention, Networking, and many more.
Weekly group size vary between 20-25 participants and ages range from 22-39 years old. All participants must be 21 years and older to participate.

Christopher Wahl Youth Center
12401 Slauson Avenue, Unit G
Whittier CA 90606 at 7:30 p.m.

The Phoenix Phyer workshops are facilitated by members for The Core. The Core's training assist them in leading discussion about decreasing the rate of new infections. They will train other community members to "spread the word" of HIV prevention and promote healthy choices

Phoenix Men's Outings

The men’s component offers a multi-services program for young gay men. The program facilitated a weekly men’s gathering out our Christopher Wahl Youth Center. It is a run and directed by a group of peers, called the Core. The following is a breakdown of the Phoenix Men have to offer!

Phoenix Women's Workshops

This component works specifically with women to create behavioral change and increase self awareness and healthier living. The program targets high-risk women, both youth and adults, and offers a 10 hour curriculum-based training. The workshops meet once a week for five weeks. Each session is two hours long and are facilitated by two female health educators. The sessions cover ethnic and gender pride, HIV and STD 101’s, assertiveness skills, how to better communicate with their partner(s), and how to cope with personal issues. The sessions are conducted in a manner that is both entertaining and educational. Health educators pay great attention to the women’s knowledge increase and assess their level of risk to ensure appropriate behavioral change.

WRHAP Main Office 9200 Colima Road, Suite 104, Whittier, CA 90605 (562) 698-3850
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